Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Intel Nuc is a great Media Center Computer

Intel NUC Kit D34010WYK The Ultimate Media Center Device

  • i3 Haswell Processor
  • Intel HD 4400 GPU
  • Micro HDMI
  • 15W peak power usage
 What is required to get it working:
  • TV or Monitor with HDMI
  •  Laptop Ram
  • Mini PCI express slot for a SSD based storage 
Total Cost:
  • NUC - $300
  • Ram 4GB - $60
  • 256GB Corsair SSD - $150
  • Total:
    • ~$550 + TV/Monitor

Essentially the processor is an Ultrabook processor in a different form factor. So you get the performance of an Ultrabook, but for much much cheaper.

The Intel 4400 HD GPU is capable of playing most games on low-medium settings:

So after setting up Netflix, ftp server, VLC media player, windows file sharing, snes/n64 emulator. You get a complete media center that is capable of playing movies, games, music off of a local network, while also being capable of playing most games on low-medium settings.

One big bonus for using such a power efficient device is that the peak power usage is 15W and standby is around 2-5W, so your electric bill will not go up by much -- even if you keep the device on all of the time.

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