Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interfacing Hantek DSO Oscilloscope with Mac OSX

I had recently bought a Hantek DSO oscilloscope. It is a usb based system written for windows mostly, but thankfully the open source community has developed some software to interface with it.

Running it under linux is possible by using OpenHantek , HantekDSO, or DsoSoda.

Before you can use the oscilloscope on OSX you need to download the firmware... this can be done on Linux using dsoextractfw (found in the open source projects above).

You should obtain two files:  DSO2090_firmware.hex  and DSO2090_loader.hex. (I use a DSO 2090 Oscilloscope obviously)

Now download and compile https://github.com/nall/nexys2-osx/tree/master/fxload. This is the fxload equivalent for OSX.

Connect your DSO to your mac device and run the following command:
./fxload-osx -v -t fx2 -I /Volumes/backy/DSO2090_firmware.hex -s /Volumes/backy/DSO2090_loader.hex -D 0x04b4:0x2090

The -D flag requires the venderID:deviceID as an argument. Your Hantek DSO has a vendorID of 0x04b4 and your model number will be your Hantek DSO Oscilloscope version, which in my case is 0x2090.

If everything went well then your DSO will turn on and start flashing a red light.

I am currently in the process of creating code that will extract data from the HantekDSO. If you are interested in writing your own software then get libusb-legacy from ports. Then extract and compile the code from one of the open source projects. I recommend you use Open Hantek since the code is the most up to date.


  1. Excelent.. I just came to "Red Light", after compiling and uploaded firmware ... next?

  2. six years later... do you have any important udates? will the same files work with el capitan?