Saturday, January 1, 2011

Removing Hal From Gentoo

As you may know already hal has been depreciated, its functionally has been merged with udev. If you are having issues with hal or just want it removed then there are some things you need to know.

  1. The first step to removing hal is to update your USE flags to exclude hal (USE="-hal"). 
  2. Then update your system with emerge --update --deep --newuse world
  3. Now you need to determine what packages require hal, these will have to be removed. Execute: emerge --depclean --verbose --pretend hal. 
  4. You will now have a list of programs that you need to unmerge. In my case gnome-mount. I removed it after checking the dependencies with emerge --depclean gnome-mount.
  5. Now once your system is clean of any dependencies to hal, remove it with emerge --unmerge hal.
  6. Congratulations hal is no longer in control. I recommend you re-emerge xf86-input-evdev before restarting X, if you don't you may run into a situation where your mouse and keyboard are not recognized by X.


  1. Without gnome-mount, how do you automount USB drives etc...?

  2. You can automount drives using udev rules.
    The rules look something like this:
    RUN+="/bin/mount -t auto /dev/usbstick /media/usbstick". As a bonus it is not GUI dependant unlike gnome-based mounting tools. Have a look here for further details and links.